Enable Alternative PHP Cache [APC] in CWP

Alternative PHP Cache is a free, open source (PHP license) framework that caches the output of the PHP bytecode compiler in shared memory, thus reducing parsing and disk I/O overhead for later requests; and a shared memory cache for user data. For an application consisting of a large source code base such as Drupal, a 3x increase in page generation speed is possible as a result.

How to Install:

cd /usr/local/src
rm -rf APC-3.1.9.tgz
wget -c https://pecl.php.net/get/APC-3.1.9.tgz
tar xzvf APC-3.1.9.tgz
cd APC-3.1.9
make && make install
echo "extension=apc.so" > /usr/local/php/php.ini
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